Unmissable places to visit

Giverny (9,2 km – 13-minute drive)

The Fondation Claude Monet is one of the unmissable places of the Seine Valley. Claude Monet decided to settle in Giverny in 1893, walking throughout the surrounding landscape, canvas and palette in hand. He stayed there until his death in 1926 shaping his gardens and his famous water lily pond like a true work of art. Place of creation and inspiration, Monet’s gardens change every year to the delight of visitors, painters and gardeners. For more information https://fondation-monet.com/giverny/la-maison-de-monet/

Take advantage of your visit to stop by the Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny:

  • Experience an exceptional contrast of Claude Monet and Mark Rothko’s works from 18th March to 3rd July 2022 
  • Then from 14th July to 2nd October 2022, the Museum will display unique works from its collection. 

For more information https://www.mdig.fr/


Château Gaillard (16,3 km – 24-minute drive)

Richard the Lionheart’s castle

Built in record time on Richard the Lionheart’s initiative between 1196 and 1198 to protect his dukedom of Normandy, Château-Gaillard is a defensive architectural masterpiece. However, in 1204, the fortress could not resist and fell into the hands of the French King, Philippe-Auguste. For more information https://www.ville-andelys.fr/chateau-gaillard/

Enjoy your walk along the Seine at the Petit Andely and visit the Collegiate church Notre-Dame des Andelys, Church of the Hospice Saint-Jacques or the Nicolas Poussin museum…

Gaillon’s castle (13 km – 18-minute drive)

Listed as a Historical Monument since 1862, Gaillon’s castle is considered by specialists as the very first French castle in the Renaissance style. An Archbishops’ residence in the 15th century, it was turned into a prison during the French Revolution. It became property of the State in 1975 and was opened to the public in 2011.

La Roche Guyon (17km, 21-minute drive)

The castle and gardens 

Leaning against the chalk cliff since the Middle Ages along the Seine, this old fortress has evolved over the centuries, confronting with elegance different architectural styles. From the medieval donjon to the 18th century stables, from the first troglodytic spaces to the vegetable and fruit garden, and English garden, from the ceremony rooms to the reception room to bunkers set up by General Rommel, the castle invites you on a strange journey back in time with a breath-taking view of the Seine and its chalk cliffs. For more information https://www.chateaudelarocheguyon.fr/


Bizy’s castle and gardens (9 km, 14-minute drive)

Since the beginning of the works in 1740, successive owners have made their contributions over time. The Duke of Belle-Isle, the Duke of Penthièvre or Louis Philippe, the last French King, were involved in creating and improving Bizy castle. The castle grounds are also a listed Historical Monument and invite you for a pleasant walk in a spectacular environment. For more information https://www.chateaudebizy.com/

Other suggestions if you have more time: 

Lyons La Forêt (35km – 40-minute drive)

A romantic getaway to Lyons-la-Forêt village is an inescapable experience in the Eure. Half timbered, wood burnished over the years or an elegant store front, you will find all this in Lyons-la-Forêt, listed amongst « the most beautiful villages of French», declaring a strong Norman spirit.

It is in this setting that was filmed (twice!) the adaptation of Gustave Flaubert’s novel Madame Bovary. The authenticity and the heritage character make this little piece of Normandy a place of inspiration and serenity. Artists such as the composer Maurice Ravel and writers like Louis Aragon, André Breton made Lyons-la-Forêt their holiday resort. For more information https://www.eure-tourisme.fr/je-decouvre/nos-pepites/lyons-la-foret-plus-beau-village-de-france/

Harcourt Domain (58 km, 1-hour drive)

A journey back to the Medieval times

Land of lords and castles, Normandy is an unmissable region to discover medieval times. Among the numerous castles in the Eure, the Harcourt Domain is one of the best-preserved medieval castles of Normandy. Built of earth, wood and stones, the castle that you visit today with its defensive wall, low courtyard and ditches, was built in the 12th and 14th century. For more information. https://www.harcourt-normandie.fr/decouvrir-le-domaine/un-chateau-deux-facades/

Le Bec Hellouin (86 km – 1-hour drive)

As soon as you arrive in this village, you understand why it is listed among « the most beautiful villages of French ». There are multi-coloured flowers everywhere and a feeling of sweet peacefulness. 

You should visit Notre-Dame-du-Bec the majestic Abbey founded in the 11th century by the Herluins. After many twists and turns, monastic life was resumed in 1948. Visiting the abbey is a pure moment of serenity. You can walk under the large trees around the remains of the old abbey. For more information https://www.eure-tourisme.fr/je-decouvre/nos-pepites/bec-hellouin-plus-beau-village-de-france/

The Marais Vernier (97 km – 1.1-hour drive)

In the heart of the meanders of the Seine Regional Natural Park, the Marais Vernier  (5 000 ha) marshlands is an area classified as of European ecological interest and the France’s most important peatland. Rich and varied fauna and flora inhabit this preserved natural habitat. Ospreys, grey herons, white storks, peregrine falcons live with reeds, iris, willows and carnivorous plants. For more information https://www.eure-tourisme.fr/je-decouvre/nos-pepites/le-marais-vernier/

Bernay (77,9 km – 1.5-hour drive)

« City of Art and History » is full of surprises. Here, you can walk with your eyes opened wideto appreciate the numerous gems of this Norman city.  1h30 from Paris by train, Bernay is an unmissable destination to discover the sense of Normandy. Built on the riverbanks of the Charentonne and Cosnier rivers, water gives the city a particular charm… For more information  https://www.eure-tourisme.fr/je-decouvre/nos-pepites/bernay-ville-dart-et-dhistoire/